Under the Aussie Sun

View of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast AUS

Arriving back to my hotel room to work on my blog after a strenuous day of lounging around the pool and eating gelato is such a tiresome task. Sarcasm aside, dragging myself off the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast and onto my laptop, smacking me immediately back into reality has reminded me of how entirely selfish I’ve been by not blogging about my seriously uneventful but lovely adventures on the coast. Plenty of delicious food has been consumed, numerous sale racks have been emptied and many happy snaps have been taken.

As hinted in the title, I have been basking in the glorious Australian sun (always wearing sunscreen, of course) and managed to tear myself away from my beach towel to capture some scenes.

Bikinis: Heaven Swimwear Sunglasses: ASOS

I saw these bikinis and purchased them 5 minutes later. These 50’s style high-waisted bikinis are incredibly cute and are prone to compliments.

Perfect colour for summer. OPI ‘Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It’.
‘That’s it darling, look into the camera’   A photogenic Rosella I dubbed Larry. Seemed quite content perching there all morning, keeping me company.


I have well and truly come out of my hibernation of monotonous shades of clothing by welcoming Spring with a splash of colour. This season, not unlike every other Spring/Summer, is the season for bright, happy colours and bejewelled and chunky statement necklaces. A little bit of colour goes a long way, so make it a challenge to incorporate bright colours into your outfit – it also has a surprisingly positive psychological effect, take my word for it. It really is the way to go, especially if you’ve been living in the cold area of the southern hemisphere like me where dark shades have been my greatest companions.

Hot colours for the season include red, orange, fluro yellow, pink and orange, electric blue, lime green and plain white.

Skirt: Taylor               Top: Forever New           Bag: Guess               Shoes: Wittner               Necklace: ?

The Good Old Satchel

I am such a fan of small bags. They’re compact and cute and I own dozens of them. Unfortunately they’re too small, which can be irritating when I can fit no more than my phone, some lip balm and if I’m lucky, a stingy wallet. I embarked on a quest to find a bag which would be able to comfortably fit ALL of the necessities (half of my bedside table) and wouldn’t be too bulky or overwhelming.

I noticed that towards the end of last year in Europe that satchel bags, most notably neon satchel bags, were building up a large following. I’m not a go-getter for neon, but I was impressed with the satchel style. They are practical and look great, and even come in varying sizes and varying colours. How cool is that? Catch is that if you’re wanting the 100% leather bags, they come with a 100% expensive price tag. However, I was determined to get one. The most notable brands which offer them (Cambridge satchel co., Leather satchel co.,) are international, and my favourite website featured both of them. So I waited until ASOS had a sale and leapt at the opportunity.

NOTE: Sales make your purchase instantly better.

Now here I am with my satchel that can fit not only half of my bedside table but maybe even a few of my small bags.

Blazer: ?     Shorts: Lumiere    Shoes: Windsor Smith     Shirt: Sussan    Bag: The Leather Satchel Co.      Necklace: Sportsgirl

In Bloom

The other weekend something magical happened. I wore a skirt minus stockings/tights/long socks. It was such a pretty day that my family and I went to the park for a picnic, and I grabbed the opportunity to soak up in with sun without my usual winter layers which was sooo liberating.

A new addition to my jewelry collection – a beaded babooshka necklace. Unique eh?

Jacket: Forever New   Skirt: River Island     Top: Target    Shoes: Inui    Necklace: A gift

Maxi skirts. Planning to invest in a few of them because they are flattering for any body type and are simple as well as classy.

With the Runways

On Friday night I experienced something considerably significant in any fashion bloggers life – I attended my first fashion runway show. Such a milestone, I know.

This week has been the annual Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to witness the talents of brands such as Friend of Mine, From Britten P/L, Leopold, Nobody, Limedrop, Strateas and Carlucci and White Suede.

White Suede
Snapbacks proved to be a necessary accessory as they were featured in a few collections
White Suede
The female models’ hair were two-toned and straight
White Suede

The show was surprisingly short, but I loved every second. The standouts of the evening included the snapbacks, 3/4 leggings under shorts for men, bright colours, denim vests and floral prints. Mesh tops with visible bras were very common, and although they are a stand-out trend for this season, I can’t decide whether they are hot or trashy. Moving closer to trashy. Nonetheless, it was inspiring to see such a diversity of designs in time for Spring and Summer. I don’t think I will adopt snapbacks as an accessory though.

What I wore- Dress: Asos Shoes: Classified Bag: Guess

The dress was actually red, just bad lighting.

My fashionista friend Rhiannon sporting a hot sequin jacket
I was very Inspired

Well that was fun. Can’t wait to do it again!

September the 1st

Melbourne City on the edge of the Yarra river

Spring has arrived! Not that I’m excited. Unfortunately, the temperature didn’t suddenly rise drastically and there wasn’t a striking abundance of warmth and sunshine that spread throughout my frost-filled body, however it was a gorgeous and cloudless day in Melbourne with a hint of chill.

To celebrate, I opted for bright colours with colourful prints to help get into the Spring fever that I’ve been hungrily anticipating.

There’s just something about wearing apples on your dress. I think that’s what they are.

Dress: Caroline Morgan  Blazer: Dotti  Bag: Vintage  Shoes: Inui

An emotional pale lady with great taste in hair

A great start to a super season.