A Night of Croquet, Anyone?

The winter run in Melbourne continues. I dusted off my jacket and wore it to the Royal Croquet Club, a swanky outdoor festival happening in Melbourne where people can have a crack of croquet and a cup of Pimms with friends. The croquet playing wasn’t particularly successful, but the Pimms was!

I have previously expressed my distaste for wearing leggings in public, as like ugg boots, they are built for undeniable comfort rather than show. I may have committed my own cardinal sin, as the stripy pants I was strolling around in *can* be classified as leggings. BUT WAIT-my multi-coloured underwear were not visible throughout the stripy print and I suspect that you are shocked that they are not proper pants, hence they are ACCEPTABLE. Unless they’re for actual croquet playing, leggings are too snug around the edges for a classy day out. Wear a top that extends over the gluteus maximus if you must, or risk having your pantie lines exposed (ladies, you know what I mean). But truthfully, the comfort these pants provide is pretty awesome.


Top: Only

Pants: Lovely Girl

Bag: Vintage

Jacket: Vintage

Shoes: Forever New

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