Let’s go to the Beach

Summer has restarted in Melbourne, which means weekly visits to our beaches (which aren’t really beaches but bays) are back on the schedule in order to maintain our international status as bronzed beach goers. Unfortunately, we Australians fear the sun’s consequences to the extent that we have some of the highest Vitamin D deficiency statistics in the world. Apparently not me, as I have received my fair share of vitamin D recently.

Tourists and locals flock to Melbourne’s Brighton Beach

So last year I had purchased this swimsuit from one of those websites where you are not entirely sure if it will look like the picture when you receive it, but I really wanted to get it anyway. It was alright though (phew), but I don’t look like the lady in the photo. The classic high-waisted look assists in accentuating your waist and to me, looks more classy than the typical low-riding bikini bottoms. It even has sheer on the sides for an added effect, which brings it almost into lingerie territory if there was lace involved. I adore the style of it, just not the tan lines.

GO!…Camera man missed the jump

Bikini- Unbranded

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