Off to the Races

The misguided weather man’s forecast for a cold and rainy Saturday proved to be incorrect as today the sun was shining and I didn’t even require a jacket. It turned out to be a beautiful day for the races, and there was plenty of beautiful fashion on display at every corner.

Just about every colour was paraded around, with the neons and brights among the most popular. There were so many lovely outfits everywhere that I repeatedly wanted to stop people and ask to take photos of them.  Also witnessed a few fashion faux pas’ that I was tempted to capture by camera (see through dresses+brightly coloured underwear, dress and vans, over excessive use of fake tan..). All in a day at the races!

My Friend Emma and I
Emma looking lovely in a classic racers outfit highlighted by some neon

Dress: Jess & I          Shoes: Guess          Hat: Forever New         Bag: Fiorelli         Belt: Cotton On       Necklace: ?         Sunglasses: ASOS

Spring Racing Fever

The highly anticipated spring racing season has arrived and the most important aspect of it (in my opinion, more exciting than the horses) is the dressing up! Whether it be a hat, fascinator or hair accessory paired with a lovely dress or suit with killer heals and a matching bag and accessories, sorting out racewear can be a breeze. There are rules to adhere to when dressing for the races, however the most significant one is to express your individuality whilst remaining sophisticated. A shot of fluro has been a popular trend this year along with other bright colours, and remember that the shoes, head-piece and bag typically should compliment each other. Happy racing!

Derby Day Outfit (Black and White Day)

Dress: Impulse              Hat: ?                 Bag: Olga Berg            Shoes: Innovare

Melbourne Cup (The Big One)

Dress: Bardot          Fascinator: Forever New        Shoes: London Rebel            Bag: Mollini

A Touch of Peplum

If you’re not aware of the peplum invasion, then you probably don’t get around much.  There are peplum jackets, tops, skirts, dresses – even pants, though I’m not ready to rock those. Peplum dresses are easy enough to work, but the tops and skirts can be a little fussy. When I first purchased my top below, I found it challenging to co-ordinate it with the other clothes in my wardrobe because your bottom-half can’t be too exciting or bulky.

For the most flattering look, opt for a slim fitting skirt, pants or capri pants. Regarding a peplum skirt- a leotard, a singlet top, a crop top or basically any top that can be comfortably tucked into the skirt without visible lines and allows the skirt to give all the shape your body needs can work. Add a matching peplum jacket and you have a svelte and sexy combination 😉

Top: Ice             Skirt: Bardot            Necklace: Ku De Ta

I was so excited when I noticed a sign for $10-20 jewelry in a store because not only was the jewelry priced phenomenally in my budget, but there were some of the most unique and lovely jewelry I had seen. After a lengthy mind-debate between an assortment of items, I decided on the necklace above.

*It was very gusty that day.

Plainness and Charm

White is every spring/summer’s colour. It’s light, classy and compliments sun-tanned skin, but not so much sunburn (although there is nothing healthy about a tan, ahem). After examining my wardrobe and attempting to colour-code it, I discovered that a large portion of my summer gear consists of white materials, hence the overflowing pile. I discovered that I am a devoted fan of the colour (or shade, whatever floats your boat) but felt the need to throw something else into the mix. To change it up a little, I did the obvious thing and splashed some colour into the sea of blankness.

It changed me from a plain white table-cloth to a table-cloth with some personality.

White (which is described as “the absence of colour”) pretty much creates happiness with any colour, so go crazy and get colouring.

Dress: Bardot           Shoes: Wittner           Necklace: ?  

And yes, I was still on my holiday in the Gold Coast living it up. Mmm the sun…

Dress: Igedo                 Shoes: Steve Madden           Bag: Forever New       Necklace: ?            Sunglasses: asos

Presenting my younger sister Elise, looking cute in a floral blazer! She’s turning out to be quite a fashionista. I’ll take the credit.

Shorts: Alex Hill       Blazer: Bardot Junior     Top: Bardot junior        Shoes: Betts Kids

Under the Aussie Sun

View of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast AUS

Arriving back to my hotel room to work on my blog after a strenuous day of lounging around the pool and eating gelato is such a tiresome task. Sarcasm aside, dragging myself off the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast and onto my laptop, smacking me immediately back into reality has reminded me of how entirely selfish I’ve been by not blogging about my seriously uneventful but lovely adventures on the coast. Plenty of delicious food has been consumed, numerous sale racks have been emptied and many happy snaps have been taken.

As hinted in the title, I have been basking in the glorious Australian sun (always wearing sunscreen, of course) and managed to tear myself away from my beach towel to capture some scenes.

Bikinis: Heaven Swimwear Sunglasses: ASOS

I saw these bikinis and purchased them 5 minutes later. These 50’s style high-waisted bikinis are incredibly cute and are prone to compliments.

Perfect colour for summer. OPI ‘Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It’.
‘That’s it darling, look into the camera’   A photogenic Rosella I dubbed Larry. Seemed quite content perching there all morning, keeping me company.


I have well and truly come out of my hibernation of monotonous shades of clothing by welcoming Spring with a splash of colour. This season, not unlike every other Spring/Summer, is the season for bright, happy colours and bejewelled and chunky statement necklaces. A little bit of colour goes a long way, so make it a challenge to incorporate bright colours into your outfit – it also has a surprisingly positive psychological effect, take my word for it. It really is the way to go, especially if you’ve been living in the cold area of the southern hemisphere like me where dark shades have been my greatest companions.

Hot colours for the season include red, orange, fluro yellow, pink and orange, electric blue, lime green and plain white.

Skirt: Taylor               Top: Forever New           Bag: Guess               Shoes: Wittner               Necklace: ?

In Bloom

The other weekend something magical happened. I wore a skirt minus stockings/tights/long socks. It was such a pretty day that my family and I went to the park for a picnic, and I grabbed the opportunity to soak up in with sun without my usual winter layers which was sooo liberating.

A new addition to my jewelry collection – a beaded babooshka necklace. Unique eh?

Jacket: Forever New   Skirt: River Island     Top: Target    Shoes: Inui    Necklace: A gift

Maxi skirts. Planning to invest in a few of them because they are flattering for any body type and are simple as well as classy.

September the 1st

Melbourne City on the edge of the Yarra river

Spring has arrived! Not that I’m excited. Unfortunately, the temperature didn’t suddenly rise drastically and there wasn’t a striking abundance of warmth and sunshine that spread throughout my frost-filled body, however it was a gorgeous and cloudless day in Melbourne with a hint of chill.

To celebrate, I opted for bright colours with colourful prints to help get into the Spring fever that I’ve been hungrily anticipating.

There’s just something about wearing apples on your dress. I think that’s what they are.

Dress: Caroline Morgan  Blazer: Dotti  Bag: Vintage  Shoes: Inui

An emotional pale lady with great taste in hair

A great start to a super season.