Sunshine on a Rainy Day

Well, judging by the bright hues of green plastering braches and nature strips, spring is well in force but is taking its time to bring the increasing warmth with it. No matter though, in the rare glimpses of summer I tossed off my jeans and let my legs breathe. Ahhh, the unfamiliar yet refreshing feel of a warm breeze. I’m even sporting florals to express my spring jubilation.

The top is actually a playsuit. My growth spurt has forced me to stop wearing it in its natural form due to the over-exposure of, um, flesh.

Playsuit – Forever New

Skirt – Target

Belt- Cotton On

Shoes – Lipstick

Bag – Vintage

Leather in the Fields

Leather for winter is like being offered free money: always welcome. And especially this year with a massive revival of the silver-studded biker jackets from a couple of years ago and the clunky leather boots, leather (real or fake) is always on trend for winter one way or another. However I chose to downgrade the edgy, lethal look black leather usually provides by pairing it up with a relatively dainty dress that is often too delicate in appearance to wear on its own. Incorporating my vintage leather jacket balances out the wildly feminine look and also makes the dress wearable in winter, which is a bonus.

Leather jacket- Vintage

Dress- Sportsgirl

Shoes- Lipstik Shoes

Bag- Vintage

Belt- ?  

Spots and Socks

It was suspiciously not bone-cold chilly the other day which granted me the luxury of deciding not to don a coat outdoors. This was exciting because I don’t own a coat that compliments the dress to my liking, so a single layer could suffice in the pleasant temperature. I bought the dress yonks ago from a small market and thankfully leopard print in public continues to be acceptable, and although I’m not entirely convinced that the kinky print can be pulled off as a beacon of sophistication, I am completely sold on this dress.

The over-the-knee socks worked well in the weather and to liven up the outfit I adopted a vintage bag that I discovered during my annual exploration through my mother’s wardrobe. She may have owned some timeless pieces, but there was plenty of rubbish among the gems that she is convinced will come back in style ‘sometime soon’. I don’t have the heart to tell her that it’s 20 years past the time.

Dress- Sweetaeacia

Bag- Vintage

Shoes- Nine West

Socks- DIY made

Denim Days

Jeans are eternal, but anything else denim has it’s moments. Fortunately for the lovers of the rugged blue material , 2013 is allowing for a denim domination in any form or size. This season’s runways have produced denim jackets, dresses, vests, shirts, pants…oh and despite an army of people’s desperate call for the extinction of this look, double denim is still on the cards. I can already hear the yelps of excitement. Just look up ‘Zac Efron double denim’ and he’ll show you how he (seldom) managed it in the past up until now.

I channeled my denim look through an acid-washed dress that looks like it came straight out of the 80’s. Talking about the 80’s, has anyone been watching the Carrie Diaries? She has fabulous style. Back to the topic, I rarely wore this dress out casually because I originally determined that it wasn’t specifically suited for informal outings, but then I discovered how useful a belt, cardie and hat really was. And that’s a fashion note right there- basic accessories can completely alter a look. You’d be surprised with how much you can downplay or elevate a dress or outfit with only a few extra touches.

Dress- Refuge

Jacket- Alive Girl, a find from a fashion store at the South Melbourne Market, Melbourne

Shoes- Inui                Bag- Vintage              Hat- ?                 Belt-?

Something Better than the Op Shop

Recently while my mum was cleaning out her wardrobe, she tossed some things on my bed that she no longer wanted. Judging by the look of them, they hadn’t been worn in quite a while, but I loved them instantly. My challenge was to mix these old pieces with the new, creating wearable and stylish outfits.

Maybe it was just that my mum had excellent style back in the day and was smart enough to not let go of some of her clothes, but twenty years later I’m wearing her clothing and accessories and didn’t even have to pay a cent for it. That’s a real bargain.

The white shirt and bag

 I was in desperate need of a plain white shirt and eventually I found this classic collared, silk shirt. Also wearing high-waisted shorts (Lumeire), boots (Famous Footwear), pearl necklace and the floral-patterned, circular bag with gold chain-belonged to my mum as well.

The Blazer

 This caramel blazer is incredibly well-fitted and adds a classier and lovelier touch to any outfit. One of my staple winter items. Playsuit (Forever New), sandals (Steve Madden), brown rope belt, Sportsgirl necklace and brown leather bag

The Top

 Knitted sleeveless black and white zig-zag top with skivvy-like collar. Shorts (Minkpink), Combat boots (Ruby Shoes) and bracelets (won them at a silent auction!) and black leather bag (Previously my Mum’s).

The Jacket and Gold Ultra Shiny Bag

 Navy blue mid-waist length jacket featuring gold-rimmed blue buttons and some nice shoulder padding action. Absolutely love it. High-waisted shorts (Bardot), collared shirt (Forever New), lace-up ankle boots (Siren) and white socks. The gold bag was previously located in the dress up tub until I dug it up and began wearing it. I saw an exact replica of it in Sportsgirls last Spring, and my mum told me that she was given it as a present around 30 years ago.

The Other Top and Bag

 Caramel top with ruffled sleeves and black leather over-the-shoulder bag. High-waisted shorts (Forever New), combat boots (Target), Pearl necklace and rope belt.

 Thanks Mum!