Just Can’t Get Enough

I must confess that I have found a new obsession. It comes in the form of pretty coloured lipsticks, and I can no longer leave the house without a perky pink, blood orange or devilish red painted on my lips. It really has become a thing that is not only appreciated by me, as I can confirm that lipstick experimentation is most definitely on the rise as supported by my meticulous observations. I even saw somebody sporting moss green lipstick a few weeks back, but can’t say that it was all that impressive.

Now that I have discovered my newfound need to apply lipstick whenever an opportunity arises, I have also been exposed to the downsides of this cosmetic product, i.e. attempting to eat a burger while avoiding smudges and the whole lipstick-on-the-teeth scenario. In addition to those problematic obstacles, I am just starting to get used to using lip liner which is a necessary component of the process if you want to keep your lipstick all nice and contained. I swear one side of my lips is differently shaped to the other, therefore I struggle with this. As for the lipstick on the teeth, a decent trick is after you have applied your pretty stick to your lips, pop your finger in your mouth and then take it out, which hopefully removes the areas of your lipstick that could potentially colour your front teeth red. Just to avoid any further potential embarrassment, I lick my teeth before I smile or talk to someone. As for the hamburger hindrance, Mum made me aware of how ladies wearing lipstick should not be engaging in burger eating anyway. Hmm.

In these photos I am wearing Revlon ColorStay Wine lip liner, and No. 006 Revlon ‘Really Red’ lipstick.

Top – Forever New

Pants – Forever New

Shoes – Lipstick

Bag – ?





I recently attended school’s senior formal-the school’s night of nights where the boys and girls from the senior years dress up pretty, dine and dance in an exquisite venue and have a generally fabulous evening. After years of watching the Oscars and yearning to look as glamorous as Angelina Jolie, I seized this chance to become my own red carpet stylist. I am not going to lie, organising my outfit was serious business and thoroughly exciting. I even travelled interstate to find the dress (I was on holidays) and bought luxury brand shoes (on sale, of course) so clearly I was committed. The night rolled around sooner than expected and it was lovely. The gents looked handsome and the ladies were stunning. I really don’t mind formal events, dressing up was hands-down the best part.


Thanks to my inspiration…

Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards thegloss.com
Angelina Jolie at the 2009 Academy Awards


My b-e-a-utiful best friend and I

 Dress- Rose Noir

Shoes- Guess

Bag- Kate Hill

Jewelry- Lovisa

May Days

When it comes to May, you know that the year has made progress. For me, May is the in-between month that is prolonging the wait to the busy mid-year stuff that always seem to occur annually. In Melbourne, it represents a quick window of opportunity when wearing jackets isn’t such a necessity, so I try to maximise this occasion.

This year I am once again pulling out the over-the-knee socks, because to put it bluntly I love them to death. My online shopping carts are full of them in all different colours and patterns, and if only my budget allowed it I would purchase them all. They are kind of useless to wear during the especially cold days, however for May days like these they are perfect with shorts or a skirt.

Shirt- Wish

Shorts- Forever New

Bag- Forever New

Shoes- Betts

Belt- Cotton On

Socks- asos

Oh, and I realise that the last time I blogged was too long ago. When my busy schedule allows it, I will try and update it as soon as I can!

Something Old

I don’t recall where and when the dress below was purchased, however this timeless piece is one that has been worn for years and I love it. It can be adapted to every season and I always get complimented on it while wearing it out. The 1890/1900 look of the high-neck and pretty lace with the below-the-knee length makes it appear very vintage yet fitting for today’s fashion. Those socks are also vintage (circa primary school days).

Dress – Cherrie

Shoes – Inui

Bag – Vintage

Socks – ?

Ain’t No Sunshine

It was unreasonably cold today which was why I had to reason with myself to wear stockings. But I find this almost exciting, because the days are steadily becoming cooler and greyer which means that winter is near (!) and personally, I believe that there is no greater season. Yes, I am one of those ridiculous people who actually welcome the cold, because I find that layering up, inhaling the scent of fire wood and sipping scalding hot chocolate to escape the chill utterly thrills me.

Here I opted for my velvet blazer to shield me from the cool elements, although it didn’t do much in regards to the rain.

Blazer- Zara

Shirt- Sussan

Shorts- Just Add Sugar

Shoes- Inui

Bag- Vintage

Stockings- ?

The Long & Winding Skirt

Move over hippies from the 70’s; maxi skirts are becoming classier than ever. They are also being worn by women everywhere during all four seasons, because essentially, they can be worn at any time. They can look great without appearing too conservative and can also provide a chic, bohemian look. However if you believe that there’s too much fabric covering the legs, then there are plenty of sheer ones out there to show off the legs, or ones with sexy thigh splits that unquestionably exclude the nun factor. I don’t mind covering my legs, and only recently have I recognised my fixation for maxi clothing, as you could probably immediately pick up from my previous posts. I think I enjoy the sinuous sensation they bring.

The skirt was a well-spotted sale item from Forever New which complements this Forever New top that was a Christmas present. The fairly cool weather today meant that longer sleeves were required, and to be honest I’m becoming quite excited for winter!

Cheeky split!

Skirt & Top- Forever New

Bag- Fiorelli

Shoes- Sportsgirl

Socks- Target

Casual Saturdays

It is a struggle to think up anything that you can compare to a summer’s day, however Saturday is one of them. What’s better than the freedom that the weekend brings?

For yesterday’s outing I wore a dress which is traditionally a winter dress, but I wanted to mix things up a little. I coordinated it with a sleeveless collar top underneath to suit the warm weather with silver sandals and burgundy coloured socks that conveniently accompanied my satchel well. The end result was inadvertently school-girl-esque, supplemented by a finishing touch of a fabulous vintage brooch in the shape of a wide-brimmed hat. Now all I need is a blazer and I will be ready for school!

Dress– Target            

Top- Forever New

  Satchel- The Leather Satchel Co.

  Shoes- asos       

Belt- ?     Brooch- Vintage

It really does look like I’m doing the whole first-day-of-school-photos episode.