Vegas Views

Next stop: Las Vegas!

As a non-gambler I predicted that Vegas would probably not be one of my preferred locations in ‘Murica. I thought that I had learnt everything I needed to know from The Hangover and even then I wouldn’t be able to replicate a fraction of the fun (stupidity) they experienced, as I’m not even at a legal drinking age. Darn Vegas.

Surprisingly, I had an absolute blast. One of the highlights of the trip was going hotel-hopping. It is an understatement to say that the hotels I have seen/stayed in do not measure up to Vegas standards. Vegas was a fantasy land and each hotel was like being transported to another country. With a giant casino area within each of those mini nations where people are accompanied by mini pooches. I found it astonishing to see little children walking through the casino in their bathers and floaties in order to get to the pool while they are surrounded by downcast adults continuously pressing the buttons on the pretty machines. It really is a surreal city to be in.

The Bellagio Fountain Show
Inside The Venetian Hotel
All the stunning artwork was first painted on canvases and then plastered on the ceiling
All the stunning artwork was first painted on canvases and then plastered on the ceiling
Seen inside the Wynn Hotel
Seen inside the Wynn Hotel

Note: I did not stay in every one of these hotels-I merely wandered about in each of them. There were countless occasions when I just wanted to sit down and take it all in with a drink, but alas, I am merely an infant in this perplexing city.


Exuberant flower arrangements decorated every inch of that hotel. It was one of my favourites.

Honestly I would not under any circumstances desire to reside there for an extended period of time. It is a pretty ridiculous place. BUT I did have a brilliant time and would probably/most definitely drag my friends here for a hectic and outrageous party week.

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New York, New York

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

I can’t possibly explain how excited I was to experience New York for myself, rather than looking with admiration through a TV screen. As a capital city of fashion and entertainment I was certain that it would be remarkable, and it truly exceeded my expectations.

We resided on Times Square which was relatively overwhelming to begin with. The sheer amount of people and the blazing lights were unlike anything I’ve witnessed before. In fact, it probably took me a couple of days to not be overwhelmed by Times Square. It also made me want to go to literally every show that was plastered against the walls in bright lights. 

Naturally we decided to take a tour in order to experience what we could in a short frame of time. Unfortunately we decided on a not-so-crash-hot tour bus company, which we didn’t realise until later in our first day when it took 45 minutes for the bus to come as opposed to the predicted 10 minutes. It really went downhill from there, so if anyone wants to know which tourist tour to most definitely avoid, then I am the gal. However, we did see some fantastic and worthy sites such as the imposing Statue of Liberty, the haunting former site of the Twin Tours, the Empire State and Central Park. We even took a fun bike ride around the place, which was a highlight of the trip despite my lack of brakes. On the topic of dangerous things, riding in a taxi in New York city was more often than not terrifying. 

Empire State Building
Memorial site of the Twin Towers
Memorial site of the Twin Towers
One World Trade Center
One World Trade Center
Bike riding in Central Park
Bike riding in Central Park

Next best thing was undoubtedly attending a broadway show. In the four days we were in New York we managed to see two outstanding performances. In Melbourne we have fantastic musicals and shows of high quality, but when in New York, one must experience the novelty and professionalism of a broadway show. We saw Chicago and Jersey Boys which were absolutely phenomenal. 

Other highlights included shopping down Fifth Avenue, viewing the city on foot and visiting the Museum of Natural history. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go shopping in the Soho District, and basically we had little time to shop at all. It would have been tragic but we were already seeing so much and travelling to so many places that shopping became secondary. Of course, we missed out on seeing a lot but it really is impossible to do New York in a meagre four days. 

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn
View of Manhattan from Brooklyn

So I guess I will just have to come back one day soon! It made such an impression on me that I would have been content with spending the rest of my American trip there, although with less of the tourist’s agenda as I can imagine that there would be worlds more to that amazing city. 

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Sights in Santa Monica

santa monica pier
Santa Monica Pier

First stop: Santa Monica! Honestly we only planned to go here first because we wanted to relax for a couple of days to recuperate from our tiresome journey from Australia. Being a stranger to the States, most of my expectations were built from what I had witnessed in American television- which we have a lot of by the way. I was particularly eager to see the Santa Monica Pier and to experience a 4th of July in America because I was sure that would signify plenty of celebrations. And it really did-until 6 in the morning actually, when I finally fell asleep.

Traditional Mexican Dancers on a street

Despite the impressive 4th July shenanigans I enjoyed, my preferred experience in Santa Monica was walking down the main street at night at an outdoor mall area. I was lured in by the shop signs stating brands I had only seen online, and found myself continually stopping to admire the beautiful street performers. Not to mention the wonderful smells coming from the restaurants. Everyone was so friendly to us, and I don’t know whether it was because we were so conspicuously foreign and never appeared as though we had our bearings. The atmosphere was buzzing and the environment was incredibly pleasant- and so clean! Unfortunately it wasn’t as warm as we anticipated it would be, as we found it a tad cool for beach weather, but we established that there are more interesting sites to experience rather than just the Santa Monica Beach.

Two days was not nearly enough, and I wasn’t able to spend enough time taking photos of all the pretty sights because I had left my camera’s memory card at home (not clever, I finally found one at Target). I was able to however get over the jet lag and build up my strength for New York, but I will elaborate in the next blog post. I wish we had more time in Santa Monica, but I’m happy to have personally experienced for the short duration it as it had an extremely unique and cool atmosphere.

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Santa Monica Pier by night

I’m Off To ‘merica!

I am excited to share with you that I am leaving for America tomorrow! I am travelling to LA, New York and Vegas for both business and leisure purposes and am absolutely bursting with joy over being able to experience this country for the first time. I will arrive in LA for the 4th July celebrations which I am hoping will include lots and lots of pretty fireworks, and naturally I am looking forward to personally witnessing American fashion and street style. Oh, and the shopping should be fun too.

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Last Glimpse of Sunshine

Last week I travelled to the sunny Gold Coast for work-related affairs, and essentially brought half of my summer wardrobe with me. I took this as an opportunity, considering I haven’t had much of a chance to air them out since Melbourne’s summer refused to happen. Happily, it was warm enough to put my clothes into good use, and with my last glimpse of sunshine I decided to throw in some colour into my outfits. 

So I know that this is one of the most mainstream looks out (definitely around where I live) with the crop top and pencil skirt, but I like it. And hey, both items were around 70% off so I couldn’t go wrong. It beats the hey-check-out-my-bum-cheeks denim shorts trend, and the pencil skirt instantly implies that there’s some class happening. I matched the outfit with a non-mainstream necklace, which is basically made out of rubber and gives the impression of a tattoo. I cannot for the life of me remember the brand, but I purchased it from a closing-down store for a ridiculously cheap price. Actually now that I think about it, every item being worn in the photos was at least 50% off.

Friends, you only need to pay full price if it is really necessary.

Unique, statement necklaces are a fantastic investment-I have a few-specifically for when you need to spice up a plain outfit. Never underestimate the power of jewellery, because although the phrase ‘too much is never enough’ does not apply, too little can be boring and say ‘meh’. I have some fairly outrageous ones, but they are a delightful and simple addition to a plain black dress or jeans and shirt combination.



Top- Bardot

Skirt- Sportsgirl

Shoes- Forever New

Sunglasses- ASOS

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Berets & Baguettes

Excuse me from my lengthy absence from the computer, but I have been travelling around France for the last month. Now that I’m back, I cannot believe that it ever happened. I spent a large period of time on a French exchange which was  incredible for both my French-speaking skills and my immersion into the culture, and then I spent the remainder of my time floating around France. Not so much floating in a variety of areas, but I actually spent a great portion of time wandering around magical Paris. I have only ever been there once before which I barely recall, and I finally discovered the reason of why so many people boast about the famous city.

Just a man on his bike in Paris

Walking down the cobblestone streets and getting lost through the maze of classic French architecture was an exhilarating experience which left me wide-eyed and alert at all times, for both the picturesque sights and the danger of pickpockets. Being an inhabitant of such a young country as Australia, the rich history that could be found along the streets never failed to amaze me. The city possesses an old charm that I found to be thoroughly irresistible, and the opportunity to grab a crepe or baguette at every street corner was truly a winner. And boy, did I take a liking to the local cuisine. However I unfortunately did not have the pleasure of tasting frog legs or escargot.

Alternately, I was lucky enough to experience the sights of the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre, as well as various chateaus including Versailles and the most stunning cathedrals. To put it mildly, France is filled with them. Without a doubt, my emotional visit to the Notre Dame is one that will always remain in my memory.

To tick off a couple more experiences from my French wish list, I gazed at Paris by night from the top of the Arc De Triomphe and the highest floor of la tour Eiffel. It’s funny how the Parisians disliked the Eiffel Tower initially, because now it is one of the primary motives of why people visit the beautiful city and in my opinion, it is a rather attractive structure. Seeing Paris from the iconic landmark was fairly magnifique, if you pardon my French.

Château de Versailles
Château de Versailles
Sacré Cœur
Sacré Cœur
The Louvre
The Louvre
A Gallery in the Louvre
A Gallery in the Louvre
In les Sables-d’Olonne

I stayed in les Sables-d’Olonne with a local family who very kindly brought me into their home. Although it was only for a couple of weeks and the language barrier proved to often be difficult, I formed a close bond with the family and the beautiful town.

Nantes- yes that is a mechanical elephant.
Nantes- yes that is a mechanical elephant.
Île d’Yeu
Arc de Triomphe

I would also like to add that I was in the city during Paris fashion week, which sounds exciting in theory however there was no opportunity to score tickets to any of the shows or catch a glimpse of any celebrities. Ah, c’est la vie. Fortunately I kept myself busy by deeply engaging myself in the shopping culture.

So that closes my little French adventure which was easily one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The remarkable people I met, the food, and of course the sights make me believe that there is no doubt in my mind that I will be back for more of the beautiful country sometime soon.

All photography is courtesy of me ladies and gents.

Up with the Birds

Going back to my dandy adventures in the Gold Coast once more, we traveled to Mt Tamborine to see what the brochures were on about.  Apparently it is a must-see tourist spot that offers exceptional views and activities amongst other things, and considering I had never been after all these years, I was curious to see what all the fuss is about.

A pie and a half later, we had strolled down the busy streets filled with the usual weekenders and tourists, poured over beautiful vintage brooches and had bought $30 worth of mouth-watering fudge. Needless to say things were going excellently, and then we were offered the opportunity to crash a tour and explore a rainforest which completely enhanced our thrilling Mt Tamborine adventure. We were given a guided tour by a friendly and informative man who had been running these tours for years, and boy did he have a lot to say.  There were some particularly intriguing facts he explained about the history and the local flora, and the rainforest itself was absolutely magnificent.

Luckily the clouds remained non-threatening which meant that I could take out my camera and go into pro-photographer mode which really consisted of taking numerous snaps of the beauty around me and different angles.

Looking up at the Trees

Ain’t it pretty?
Yep, there were spiders in there.

Watcha doing there, Turkey?
It’s difficult to see, but there’s the coastline of Gold Coast in the background.

Top: Ice         Shorts: Lumiere       Shoes: Miss Shop       Bag: Vintage

…And on the car ride home, we devoured most of the fudge.

Away and Away

Okay yes it has been a while. But no one can blame me for taking a couple weeks off from blogging whilst holidaying in Queensland with a serious lack of wi-fi and motivation to get off the beach, hm? Furthermore, holiday mode impacted my ability to actually care about what I wore, so without further ado I picked off pretty outfits  and opted to cruise around in basic swimsuits and shorts for the majority of the trip. And damn did it feel great to let go of your appearance and walk around with chlorine-soaked hair and a pair of shabby thongs.

It didn’t last impressively long to the point that a dread started forming, as eventually the more dignified part of me gave me a nudge and reminded me that a person should still make an effort and with the way I was going I wasn’t going to impress any of those cute surfers. Which was fair enough because I didn’t touch my hairbrush for a while. I have slowly noticed that people these days  in the Gold Coast really make an effort to look hot compared to when it used to be the bathers and thongs look, which put pressure on me as I only achieved to look hot with a red-as-a-tomato sunburn. But then again the shopping is so superb that it is easy to afford to look good, and truth be told I do a large portion of clothes shopping up there. So I finally made the grueling decision to let go of my freedom and embrace looking decent on holiday. I think a surfer even looked at me after that.

The dress that I’m wearing below wasn’t in fact from the Gold Coast but I bought it in Melbourne *shock* at full price. I saw it and loved it, and everyone knows that you cannot be deterred from love at first sight, which applies to clothing. I even reminded myself that I already have a white maxi dress, but then I reminded myself that *pfft* it’s completely different. I don’t know if it’s the subconscious ‘wedding dress’ appeal to it, but I am attracted to white maxi dresses. It was great to wear in the heat and humidity as the fabric is so light.

white dress 2

Dress: Peace Angel from Tree of Life                 Bag: Forever New

Wishing you a belated happy new year!

Plainness and Charm

White is every spring/summer’s colour. It’s light, classy and compliments sun-tanned skin, but not so much sunburn (although there is nothing healthy about a tan, ahem). After examining my wardrobe and attempting to colour-code it, I discovered that a large portion of my summer gear consists of white materials, hence the overflowing pile. I discovered that I am a devoted fan of the colour (or shade, whatever floats your boat) but felt the need to throw something else into the mix. To change it up a little, I did the obvious thing and splashed some colour into the sea of blankness.

It changed me from a plain white table-cloth to a table-cloth with some personality.

White (which is described as “the absence of colour”) pretty much creates happiness with any colour, so go crazy and get colouring.

Dress: Bardot           Shoes: Wittner           Necklace: ?  

And yes, I was still on my holiday in the Gold Coast living it up. Mmm the sun…

Dress: Igedo                 Shoes: Steve Madden           Bag: Forever New       Necklace: ?            Sunglasses: asos

Presenting my younger sister Elise, looking cute in a floral blazer! She’s turning out to be quite a fashionista. I’ll take the credit.

Shorts: Alex Hill       Blazer: Bardot Junior     Top: Bardot junior        Shoes: Betts Kids

Under the Aussie Sun

View of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast AUS

Arriving back to my hotel room to work on my blog after a strenuous day of lounging around the pool and eating gelato is such a tiresome task. Sarcasm aside, dragging myself off the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast and onto my laptop, smacking me immediately back into reality has reminded me of how entirely selfish I’ve been by not blogging about my seriously uneventful but lovely adventures on the coast. Plenty of delicious food has been consumed, numerous sale racks have been emptied and many happy snaps have been taken.

As hinted in the title, I have been basking in the glorious Australian sun (always wearing sunscreen, of course) and managed to tear myself away from my beach towel to capture some scenes.

Bikinis: Heaven Swimwear Sunglasses: ASOS

I saw these bikinis and purchased them 5 minutes later. These 50’s style high-waisted bikinis are incredibly cute and are prone to compliments.

Perfect colour for summer. OPI ‘Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It’.
‘That’s it darling, look into the camera’   A photogenic Rosella I dubbed Larry. Seemed quite content perching there all morning, keeping me company.