Silver Winter

Do I need anymore silver shoes? My wardrobe says ‘no’, but my eyes always say ‘yes’.

During the inevitable online shopping spree I seem to enjoy in order to curb my pain after every surgery, I found these awesomely silver boots on sale on ASOS. Knowing full well that I wouldn’t be able to wear them until three months after surgery, I bought them anyway. Because that’s what you do when you’re feeling sorry for yourself and don’t have the option of wearing nice shoes for a while.

So after a couple of months of eyeballing them, I finally sunk my feet into them and paired them with a black ponte Witchery dress that I bought last winter. White boots are also very on-trend this season (but not so much the go-go kind). A good way to wear a winter LBD is to jazz it up with some exciting shoes, rather than falling into the trap of wearing all black. Winter is too dark and gloomy already anyway, which is why we have fashion to light it up a little.

Dress: Witchery

Shoes: River Island

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Thrifting the See-through Trend

The Cannes 2017 red carpet shares a common similarity with the red carpets of most A-list event in the last couple years – an influx of sheer dresses that appear to be more revealing by the day. Originally made famous by Marilyn Monroe while signing ‘Happy Birthday, Mr President’ (and in the hilarious comedy Some Like it Hot, which I highly recommend watching), the sheer dress has become a controversial icon for the display of female sexuality while overtly challenging the use of derogatory feminine labels. It was then reclaimed by Kimmy K, and more recently has been making appearances on Bella Hadid who only just wore a breathtaking Ralph & Russo Couture gown at Cannes last week. Or was it a small piece of crystal-embellished fabric immodestly wrapped around her body? Either way, she looked like a beautiful ice princess, and I believe that men and women should be able to wear whatever they want minus any degrading and sexist comments. But at the end of the day, you don’t have to show your nipples or wear a g-string to conform to the sheer trend.

I found this sheer black and silver-patterned dress at an op shop (our Australian version of a thrift shop) for about $12. To be fair, it was on the pricier end of the scale for a second-hand dress, but it was perfect for me (being silver and all). I have been lucky to come across fantastic, modern-looking clothes at op shops that look as though they have never been worn and they usually tend to be in my size. Op shopping is like a scavenger hunt, and it’s so worth it when you strike gold and find something that you genuinely love at a bargain. There is no greater sense of satisfaction.

The striking silver print is matched with these metallic silver Nine West shoes that were a steal at $18 from their outlet store. My hips can’t yet handle walking around in these beauties, but in the meantime, they’re pretty to look at. Underneath the dress I wore high-waisted black shorts and a black crop top to leave the rest as sheer.

So there you have it. Op shops are not only useful for finding unique vintage pieces, but they can serve the purpose of finding inexpensive, pre-loved modern clothing that look as though they could have been produced in 2017 – especially because fashion trends just don’t stop repeating themselves.

Dress: Op Shop

Shoes: Nine West

Watch: Witchery

Earrings: ?

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Miss Matching

If you look at the street style from the recent fashion shows, there is definitely a common theme: wear whatever you please. Colours clash, patterns are mismatched, and anything that you wouldn’t believe goes together is thrown into the same outfit. It’s a fun and visually appealing chaos if done correctly. And more often than not, these fashionistas that are photographed at Paris, New York or Milan fashion week look like they’re wearing phenomenal works of art. But usually I feel content with the comfort of an outfit that matches from head to toe. Those outfits just make sense for me.

On the weekend I opted for a baby pink, white and black colour scheme. I haven’t delved into much pink since primary school. I read an article recently where the writer claimed that pink is the colour for little girls and has no place in the adult world. That seemed a slightly hypocritical in light of the fact that her contention was to try and raise her daughter without gendered stereotypes. It was also very dramatic and arrogant to declare a colour as pathetic after the age of 10 years old. Nevertheless, I have not been deterred from wearing the colour, but maybe I’ll withhold from wearing hot pink for the time being.

I wore a vintage white cropped shirt which I found at a market, striped high-waisted pants and black and white mules from Topshop. The outfit was perfectly swung together by a Guess bag that incorporated all the colours of the outfit and handy $5 drop earrings from Lovisa.

I adore these shoes. They are comfortable, pretty and can be worn with practically everything. When Topshop had a sale sometime last year, I bought them for about a third of the original price. Purchases like that feel pretty good.

Top: Vintage

Pants: Topshop

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Guess

Earrings: Lovisa 

So don’t be put off by colour-coordinated outfits, and under no circumstances should you be deterred from wearing pink.

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Prada and Me

The devil wears Prada – or so they say. When I was handed a Prada bag as an extraordinary congratulations-for-surviving-surgeries gift from my parents, I certainly went to heaven. In fact, my hips felt better immediately.

I love the fact that it’s red with a gold chain. I adore how it’s big enough to fit all the necessities. And I appreciate how it’s going to force me to stop wearing silver all the time, because let’s be honest, my silver obsession is becoming a concern. It’s amazing how a bag can possess so much superiority and significance, which is demonstrated by the fact that every future outfit component will revolve around this piece of Prada.

This was actually my Easter outfit for last weekend, where the family and I spent the day cracking eggs, eating plenty of food and collecting way too much chocolate. To cater for the mild temperature, I wore a blue cotton dress with light beige gladiator sandals. The earrings were courtesy of my grandma, since her hand-me-downs comprise of the only gold jewellery I own. I chose a simple dress to place the spotlight on the bag, as that’s what it deserves.

Dress: Witchery

Shoes: Lipstik

Bag: Prada 

Earrings: vintage

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Colour Me Blue

Black clothing is simply too reliable and convenient. I can guarantee that my most-worn articles of clothing are black simply because they go with everything and don’t require too much thought. And although I always emphasise the need for a splash of colour in my blog posts, my laziness often prevents me from practicing what I preach. But not on this occasion.

When I found this gorgeous aqua clutch from Mimco with a hefty percentage off, my mum barked at me to buy it. I only hesitated because of the unusual colour, but it presented a fun challenge to construct an outfit around it. Perhaps more unusual than the colour is the fact that I find building outfits to be a delightful and earnest activity, but anyway we all have our hobbies.

With the clutch being the centrepiece, I chose a black off-the-shoulder Witchery dress made from neoprene (essentially wet suit material) and silver Nine West kitten heels so my recovering hips could be safe. Kitten heels are so underrated; not only because they are far more comfortable to do anything in than standard heels, but also because they still look elegant and give you some added height. Considering at this stage I had only just thrown away my crutches with glee, they were perfect.

I wore Mimco drop earrings with hints of blue to make up for the bare neck and to continue the blue theme in the outfit.

Dress: Witchery

Bag: Mimco

Shoes: Nine West

Earrings: Mimco

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The Corset is Back

There is something seductive about a corset. Waists become smaller, hips become larger and bosoms become more pronounced. It has been a symbol of feminine beauty since at least 2000 B.C, when the earliest corset worn as an outer-garment was found to have originated from. And it has continued to evolve throughout the centuries, constantly being an icon of style while simultaneously causing slight to extreme discomfort until the end of the Edwardian era in the early 20th century. Perhaps the corset going out of style is a metaphor for the emancipation of women. But now that women in developed countries are mostly permitted to wear what they want, we want the corset back. Well, with a modern spin that is not lingerie-related.

The corset belt is a must-have accessory for every outfit – not just for old fashioned costume parties. Throw it on a dress, skirt, or shirt for instant shape, and just because it’s something different.

Corset belts can be big or small and come in all different shapes and colours. One that I find particularly gorgeous is from Witchery’s autumn range:

For my outfit below, I haven’t exactly put a modern spin on things. I have gone for the gothic-saloon girl look complete with a tulle skirt and lace leotard from White Closet, adding the corset belt separately. I love the loose levels of the skirt and how it’s sheer from the mid-thigh down, lightening up the all-black outfit.

Corset belt: ?

Skirt: White Closet

Leotard: White Closet

Earrings: Mimco

I have seen corset belts pop up everywhere in stores and online, so it’s time you tried it! I promise you won’t pass out or suffer from a broken rib. x

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Hips & Skirts

I know I keep saying this, but there really is no better time in fashion to have a hip injury. For the last 14 months, I have been living in loose dresses, skirts, and my comfy sneakers which are thankfully having a huge moment. They do wonders for my mobility and I don’t look tacky, which is more important than you think in consideration of that fact that clothes are a necessity for everyday life.

A typical outfit I’ll slip into usually comprises of a t-shirt, straight skirt and sneakers. The aptly named ‘straight skirt’ is similar to the pencil skirt in the regard that it is lightly fitted around the waist and hips, but it falls straight downward and doesn’t restrict your knees. Even if it did, I currently take tiny strides so it doesn’t really matter. The style feels light against my hips, and I like to wear them with sneakers to supply a casual look as the below-the-knee length of the skirt can look conservative. Plus, sneakers are fun and don’t hurt my toes.

Another bonus with today’s fashion is how my crutches match perfectly with the silver obsession. If everyone was obsessed with gold then it just wouldn’t work and I would be forced to forfeit my membership in the fashion world. But alas, my silver and grey crutches are basically another accessory which marries my outfit together (clearly it’s the small things that get me through the day).

I always tuck my t-shirt or top into my skirt to create a svelte silhouette, or crop tops that aren’t abnormally cropped work fine to display the full skirt. Despite having unhealthy hips, I don’t feel a need to hide them.

Skirt: Sportsgirl

Top: Bardot

Bag: French Connection

Shoes: Witchery

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Summer Post-Surgery Style

At the end of January, I embarked on my second (and last) surgery for my hip. It was basically a year ago since I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and although it has been exhausting, painful and mentally draining, it has never stopped me from looking my best. Although on the surface it’s a simple and superficial thing to consider when dealing with a medical condition as debilitating as hip dysplasia, but fashion has remarkably helped me to cope. It has challenged me to be creative, to make the most of every occasion outside my house, and most notably, to look forward to the future. I suppose in an odd way it has given me a purpose. Nonetheless, it has to be said that I am undeniably fortunate in the respect that I can anticipate a full recovery with time, and I try not to take that for granted. The incredible help from my family and friends alongside my exploration through comfortable fashion has helped me get through the difficulties and to remain positive, because ultimately there is nothing more important than good health.

So, how does one dress with style after a sizeable hip surgery? Jeans and pencil skirts are a definite no-no. The same goes for most of my shorts, any light fabric dresses where the bandages will show through, and essentially anything that it difficult to manoeuvre in or rubs against the hips. So there goes most of my summer wardrobe. I have been living in brightly coloured genie pants and nighties, but they’re not really appropriate for out-of-the-house wear. So leaving the house is always a challenge, but it’s always good fun. Summer fashion with crutches tends to be easier as bulky coats and jackets combined with crutches is not exactly comfortable. However when it comes to travelling in a wheelchair (enabling me to do those shopping trips I so crave), clothes are much easier to co-ordinate. Short skirts or dresses should be avoided.

Today on a summer-y lunch outing, I settled on my mint Forever New A-line skirt and a comfortable singlet top from Witchery. A pastel pink bag and earrings were important additions, as were my super exciting silver loafers that no longer give me blisters. My hips were very happy, especially as I was wheeled around everywhere.





Briefcase-style bags are so hot right now. They add a touch of vintage style, and can fit most necessities. I could even fit a couple pairs of sparkly socks I had bought.

Skirt: Forever New

Top: Witchery

Shoes: Aldo

Bag: Forever New

Earrings: Lovisa

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Wine, Food & Fashion

Recently it was my boyfriend’s birthday and his parents took us to a beautiful winery in Red Hill in Victoria to celebrate. There was plenty of wine as expected, and delicious food to accompany a stunning view. There is really nothing that tickles my pickle more than good wine and fantastic food, and the colossal green vineyards made the experience just a tad more enjoyable. I kind of wish that I had taken photos of the dishes I ate, however I didn’t want to be one of those people who whips out their phone every time they are presented with a pretty meal. But I do understand why they do it, because I was lucky to enjoy some artfully displayed dishes that tasted as good as they looked.

Weather-wise it was not a typical summer’s day, so my lightweight blazer from Portmans kept me warm on top of my navy and cream dress from Dotti. Being the girly woman I am, I love the tulle underlay and I attempted to create a more classic look with my vintage porcelain brooch. I have recently discovered that I own an unprecedented number of brooches of a great variety, so I should probably challenge myself to incorporate them into outfits more often.  I think it’s time to bring the brooch back.

The glare was blinding so there was no way that I was going to take off my sunglasses for this one!




Dress: Dotti

Blazer: Portmans

Shoes: Lipstik 

Sunglasses: Chloe

Bag: Pratten

Hope all my Aussie followers have been enjoying a beautiful summer! Spending a day outside with friends and family while enjoying good food and drink is truly great for the soul. Thanks for visiting my blog! x

Fabulous Kylie

When I was five, my eyes would be glued to the television during the ‘Can’t get you out of my head’ video. I admired Kylie’s array of cheeky outfits (who can forget that white number that resembled a bed sheet) and exciting choreography accompanying the infectious beat. To me she has always appeared as a cool, sexy princess who would know what to do in any situation, and I think that was conveyed through the fabulous costumes she wore while performing.

I was able to see plenty of her incredible costumes at the Melbourne Arts Centre ‘Kylie on Stage’ exhibition where admission is free. It showcased outfits from her first tour in 1989 and until her Kylie Aphrodite Les Folies in 2011 – and it is clear that costumes have been a big thing with Kylie. Every tour had a specific theme, and the gorgeous outfits expressed the theme she wanted to capture with the help of powerhouse designers Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce and Gabbana, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Australian designers Peter Morrissey and Mark Burnett. Some of the costumes were eccentric and loud, others were glamorous and classy, and others resembled an ancient Greek goddess. There is one thing for sure: a pop princess must always have an out-of-this-world wardrobe.

Here are just some of her beautiful and bold outfits featured in chronological order.












When I was enviously staring at these creations, it was like I was a child again. Some of these outfits were constructed out of the most exquisite fabrics and embellished by Swarovski crystals and stunning pearls. I would literally do anything to try on some of these pieces, just so I could feel like a highly successful pop princess. Oh well, maybe in my next life.

The Kylie on Stage exhibition only runs until January 22 at the Arts Centre Melbourne, so make sure you see it before it leaves! x