Let the Sunshine In

Thanks to the influx of sales at this time of the year, everyone can afford to look great this Christmas. Everyone raves about the Boxing Day sales but honestly, you can grab just as amazing bargains from November onwards because retailers are incessant to sell, sell, sell during the holidays. Keep your eyes peeled for some sale signs!

The corset & culottes ensemble I am sporting were both sales purchases (as indicative of my entire wardrobe) and both are versatile for the warm Australian weather. The culottes are made from a light fabric in contrast to my black ones, and hence are comfortable and easy to wear during the summer. Normally I automatically reject strapless tops because they are such a pain when they continuously slide down, but this top manages to stay up and can be matched with jeans and maxi or mini skirts. I am anticipating that the white will emphasise my future tan (hehe), and it can be worn for casual or dressy occasions depending on the bottoms and accessories.

Top: Bardot

Culottes: The Fifth

Necklace: Lovisa

Watch: Armani Exchange

Lipstick: Kiko

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And the Last Leg of the Trip

Aaaaaand back to L.A! Honestly we planned our trip to commence and end in L.A because it takes the least amount of flying time for us Australians. Surprisingly after only two weeks of originally being there, the temperature had soared and there was even sunshine. Unlike how it was when we started in Santa Monica, it was warm enough to go to the beach and even walk around at night without a cardigan! Essentially that works out to more tanning time for me!

On my birthday I did what any reasonable fashion blogger would do in my position: I took a walk down Rodeo Drive. I was blissfully in awe at the fact that I could recognise the designer collections while I gleefully window-shopped, and even bravely walked into a few despite my lack of a Prada bag. I would like to be able to fondly reminisce about the exceptionally well put-together outfit I was wearing on the day, but I can only say that I sported a $10 dress and Nikes while I pranced down the elite street. It seems despicable, but my blistered feet could only handle Nikes after all the walking I had put them through in sandals.

Oh Vera…make me a dress one day pretty please
It’s small, but the famous Hollywood sign is definitely there. To my left. Just look more closely.

We stayed in West Hollywood in a place just around the corner from Sunset Boulevard, and it was awesome to see all of the rainbow flags out in full force! Naturally we partook in all of the typical LA touristy things that a tourist must do, including an extremely brief glance down Hollywood Boulevard, a sneaky look at the homes of the rich and famous, a tour around the city, a looksies at Venice Beach and once again Santa Monica. A spot of shopping at The Grove was also on the agenda.

Canals at Venice Beach

And another picturesque shot of the Santa Monica Pier where there’s actually a clear blue sky (this shot was the purpose of my entire trip)

There was just so much to do and so little time, but it was surreal to experience these parts of America when I had grown up watching them on television. There were so many good memories, laughs, and burgers that were eaten, so really it was a trip of a lifetime. I will be back (when I am, erm, at a legal wine-sipping age) to hopefully experience different parts of the US. Until next time!

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Seeing Double

The two-piece mania has not ended yet. In fact, it has just gotten better. However I am curious as to why baring skin has become so much more fashionable these days, with the excessive amount of midriff being shown and most notably, the new trend of the ‘barely there’ dresses rocked at the Oscars after-parties. But I suppose it’s everyone’s prerogative, including my own, as clearly I’m not opposed to allowing my midriff to peek through. It brings the summer vibes, divides a same-same pattern and means I can enjoy a nice breeze around my belly.

Co-ords are as cute as kittens and even come in the form of a floral fantasy (see below) that radiates tropical-islander.

The slit in the skirt makes things a bit more interesting, enabling your shoes to proudly flaunt themselves and provides a bit of a break from viewing the same pattern all over. There isn’t much you should do to compliment a two-piece, as keeping it simple allows the outfit to do the talking. However, to put a little spice into your plain-toned outfit, experiment with some bright lipsticks. Lipstick is an accessory in itself, and adds a dash of class. Class is what we are all striving for here people, in case you hadn’t noticed.


Two piece- Luvalot

Shoes- Forever New

Laura x

Let’s go to the Beach

Summer has restarted in Melbourne, which means weekly visits to our beaches (which aren’t really beaches but bays) are back on the schedule in order to maintain our international status as bronzed beach goers. Unfortunately, we Australians fear the sun’s consequences to the extent that we have some of the highest Vitamin D deficiency statistics in the world. Apparently not me, as I have received my fair share of vitamin D recently.

Tourists and locals flock to Melbourne’s Brighton Beach

So last year I had purchased this swimsuit from one of those websites where you are not entirely sure if it will look like the picture when you receive it, but I really wanted to get it anyway. It was alright though (phew), but I don’t look like the lady in the photo. The classic high-waisted look assists in accentuating your waist and to me, looks more classy than the typical low-riding bikini bottoms. It even has sheer on the sides for an added effect, which brings it almost into lingerie territory if there was lace involved. I adore the style of it, just not the tan lines.

GO!…Camera man missed the jump

Bikini- Unbranded

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The other day I watched flocks of people scuttle around Melbourne city in their coats and scarves with disbelief. For those who do not live in the southern hemisphere, this is an uncanny observation. It is summer after all, and typically, we Melbournians should be sweltering in 30+ degree weather by now. Naturally I was shocked by this sudden bout of winter and was caught in only a blazer to keep me warm.

Obviously both Melbourne and I were not in a summer mood, because although I was unaware of the cool weather, I had decided to wear my favourite winter blazer. The bottle green tone creates a nice contrast with the cream, and also helps in dressing down the bordering-on-formal dress. Wearing pretty flats can assist in dressing down an outfit without making it look cheap, so I find it within my best interests to keep an army of nice sandals or ballet flats for when I go out. This comes in handy considering I still struggle with the discomfort of heels.



Blazer- Zara

Dress- Sportsgirl

Necklace- Sportsgirl

Bag- ? (‘Twas a gift)

Shoes- Rubi shoes 

Blue Summer

Last weekend I attended a wedding. Without a doubt, my favourite part is always watching the happy couple profess their love for one another, closely followed by the food and (surprise!) looking fancy. I absolutely adore formal occasions, and this was no exception. Some people find dressing up arduous, whereas I find it invigorating. The evening was very special and the couple appeared incredibly happy. I was very happy on the dance floor with some champagne.

I opted for a cobalt blue dress from Forever New, which I was hoping would make my tan pop. Accompanying the dress is my sister’s perfectly matching bag, and clearly I was overjoyed by how well this outfit was coordinated.



Dress- Forever New

Shoes- Zu

Bag- Forever New 


Flashback to the Fifties

I love skirts more than I’ve ever loved them before-maybe even more than my tutu days. I believe this is a sign of me fully embracing my feminine self, as I do enjoy looking pretty and dainty and wearing pink and lace and midi skirts and so on. The ‘girly’ look is eternally classy. So today I opted for a white mint midi skirt from Forever New, which was part of my successful christmas sale hunting.

I believe that it is absolutely gorgeous, and it made me think of Grease (look at me, I’m Sandra Dee!) because the outfit essentially portrays women’s fashion in the 50’s. It was a beautiful and flattering decade for fashion. I suppose the flash of midriff is a touch from today’s times.




Skirt- Forever New

Top- Kookai

Shoes- Lipstik

The Reign of the Two Piece

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know that two pieces are the ‘in’ thing. No I am not talking about swimsuits- I am talking about the cute little skirts with cute little matching crop tops.

This summer, they appear to be ‘all the rage’, with their colour-coordinated glory being showcased by celebrities such as Sarah Hyland, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Working well on the petite bodies of these lovely ladies, the two piece, or co-ord, accentuates the waist and hips to compliment even the less curvaceous figures. However if itsy bitsy midriffs are not your thing, then fret not, as co-ords look fabulous with flowy tops and shirts which can be matched with shorts, pants, mini-skirts, pencil skirts or a-line skirts. The possibilities are almost endless, and can flatter any shape.

Naturally, I had to find my very own co-ord outfit and appreciate its harmonious view for myself with a T by Bettina Liano ensemble.

Two piece: T by Bettina Liano

Shoes: Lipstik

Clutch: Miss Shop

By the way, the colour is not blue, it is white mint in fact.

Women. Fashion. Power.

Last Saturday was International Women’s day, and despite the fact the women’s accomplishments should be celebrated any day, having a specific day devoted to women’s empowerment allows everyone to reflect on the truly amazing feats that women are capable of achieving. It is recognition of the political, economic and social achievements of women in the past and present and is looking ahead at potential opportunities for success. From all corners of the globe, women of different backgrounds who speak diverse languages congregate to celebrate the struggles that women have overcome as well as to raise awareness of the conflicts that remain in the lives of women today.

Inspiration is something which I don’t lack in my life, as I have my beautiful mother and older sister as my role models to help guide me. A woman who has become a role model overnight due to her rapid success in Hollywood is Lupita Nyong’o. At the seventh annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon, the Oscar winner delivered an inspirational speech on how she overcame her low self-esteem to follow her dreams. She described a letter that she had received from a young girl with dark skin who had considered buying skin-whitening cream- until she noticed a lady with the same dark complexion on the world’s stage. Unknowingly, Lupita’s success inspired this girl to change her view of herself as well as to imaginably thousands of others. She concluded her incredible speech with an important message to young girls:

“I hope that my presence on your screens and in magazines will lead you, young girl, on a similar journey. That you will feel the validation of your external beauty, but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside. There is no shade in that beauty.”

Some people are capable of making a difference despite not anticipating the impact it can have on others. On top of being a young woman who has already made her mark in Hollywood and in the lives of many girls today, the lady knows how to dress to impress. Donning a heavenly pastel blue Prada gown which complimented her in every way, Lupita shone on the red carpet. I especially loved her addition of the headband, which is not something which can be easily pulled off. Perhaps it’s not so subtle but I may have a girl crush.

Oscars 2014 – eonline.com

..And now back to a less glamorous place. Weather in Melbourne has actually been consistent for the past week which is a rare event. The warm temperatures have meant that I could still leave my jeans behind and sport a pair of shorts. I do like bustier tops, however I find that it can occasionally look too- dare I say it- ‘teenybopper’ and cheap when worn simply with skimpy shorts or a skirt. Instead I like to match it up with a cardigan or in this case, a light white shirt!

Shirt- H&M

Top – Minkpink

Shorts- Glassons

Bag – Zara

Shoes- Novo

Yay to celebrating women’s empowerment!

It’s Black, It’s White

The classic monochrome is hard to pass up because it always works and manages to make you look stylish and effortless. This blog is a testament to my love of the two ‘shades’ or whatever people prefer to label them as. I’ve been a huge fan of maxi dresses and skirts and this particular dress was a bargain at $25 from a shop I haven’t entered since my pre teen days. It’s incredible what you may find when you’re not expecting it.

The clutch is Napoleon Perdis- part of a gift pack that included makeup. I didn’t care too much for the makeup, I just wanted the bag.

Dress – Jay Jays
Shoes – Steve Madden
Bag – Napoleon Perdis