The Jumpsuit

Ahh..the jumpsuit. Your comfortable and quirky friend that never fails to snatch a second look. You would assume that after their time in the spotlight in the 70’s that even males with a lack of knowledge in the fashion arena would be accustomed to the pants-and-top-in-one combination, however it still manages to stun and confuse people like my dear, unschooled boyfriend. It made an impressive comeback in 2015 and featured on many a red carpet and catwalk, with the style being preferred over the traditional dress for some.

Why do I love jumpsuits? Simply because they’re comfy and cute. For some people, wearing a jumpsuit may be perceived as risk, but there are so many varying designs out there that it is worth hunting around for a style that suits you. I found this one from Gingham & Heels at an absolute steal and knew that I needed to covet this piece of fabulousness. It resonates a 70’s disco/Florence Welch vibe, and you know that when you find something that magnificently fulfils that description that it must become yours. It does tend to gape around the cleavage area, and although I am typically a liberal person, I did think that it would be vastly more appropriate if I teamed it with a simple boob-tube. A white one would have been preferred in order to highlight the white pattern, but as I was strapped for time I made do with a black one.





Jumpsuit: Gingham & Heels

Shoes: Novo 

Bag: Guess

Jewellery: Lovisa 

So go on, jump in and take the plunge(-ing neckline) if you haven’t already!

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Something Old, Something New

It was a typical Melbourne summer’s day at 35 degrees when I went op shopping and naturally purchased two jackets. One can’t resist the lure of op-shop prices and vintage delights that are abound with much potential, particularly me. I found an ex-Topshop blazer for a mere $10, and a pastel-pink tweed coat at $12, so how do you expect me to say no to that? I regularly graze at op shops because not only is it incredibly affordable for a not-so-cashed-up student like me, but it’s always a welcome challenge to find old gems and combine them with the new trends.

I grasped at the chance to wear the blazer before Melbourne experiences their continual, sweltering temperatures, and matched it with new Witchery black high-waisted shorts, an aquamarine beaded top and new black strappy heels. Combining the old and the new always produces a fresh outfit, and I love my new shorts because they can be worn for dressy occasions and are supremely comfortable.



Blazer: Topshop 

Top: Forever New

Shorts: Witchery 

Shoes: Nude

Bag: Marikai

Necklace: Forever New 

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Summer Fun

The staple of summer seems to become more diverse and alluring every season, reflecting the major trends of the current ready-to-wear season as exemplified in adorable two-piece and one-piece ensembles. This season accentuates plunging necklines, mesh, lace ups, cut outs and high necks in a range of different colours and prints. Here are some pieces that embody what’s in this season:


Seafolly @
Blue Life
Blue Life @
Camilla & Marc
Camilla & Marc @


Somedays Lovin
Somedays Lovin  @
Blue Life
Blue Life @
Jets @

So, what trend takes your fancy this summer? Personally I am inclined to love the high neck one piece due to the flattering cut, but mostly because there is no concern about any bits and bobs jumping out. The peace of mind makes jumping in waves a lot less stressful. 😛

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I’m Off To ‘merica!

I am excited to share with you that I am leaving for America tomorrow! I am travelling to LA, New York and Vegas for both business and leisure purposes and am absolutely bursting with joy over being able to experience this country for the first time. I will arrive in LA for the 4th July celebrations which I am hoping will include lots and lots of pretty fireworks, and naturally I am looking forward to personally witnessing American fashion and street style. Oh, and the shopping should be fun too.

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Clashing Prints

For all the poor souls undergoing winter in the southern hemisphere, there is a risk that you should all take: clashing prints. It only takes a couple of mismatched stripes to render it as a failure, but a successful match can be magical.

It was seen across Milan, Paris, London and Barcelona Fall Fashion Week and has become a defining trend of 2015.

Getty Images
Custo at Barcelona Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2015. Getty Images

It can be quite the challenge, but makes fashion fun and exciting. Pairing different prints together have usually been a big no-no until recently, as designers and stylists have exposed the secrets to the creation of the clash.

To create the perfect clash, here are a few handy hints:

  • Matching colours: if you choose to wear diverse colours, ensure that they match and don’t look as though they have been put together by a clown. Using neutral shades accompanied by a bold colour works well, allowing the bold colour and print to stand out as demonstrated by Zendaya below.
Zendaya looking fine.
Zendaya looking fine.
  • Size of prints: You are destined to succeed if a small print is matched with a large print. It becomes too overwhelming if both are prominent and can potentially look as though a three-year old dressed you. Pairing a minimalistic print with a larger one causes the eye-catching print to stand out against a more plain type, and hence they compliment one another without clashing.
Marion Cotillard rocking the leopard print 'n' stripes. Getty Images
Marion Cotillard rocking the leopard print ‘n’ stripes. Getty Images
  • Two prints max: I would suggest no more than two different prints combined. If you delve into a third, there is a high risk of an unfortunate clash occurring.
Emma Stone looking sweet in polka dots and stripes. Getty Images
Emma Stone showing how it’s done in polka dots and stripes. Getty Images

These stylish ladies inspired me to have my own crack at it.

Cape: Atmosphere

Top: asos

Pants: Lovely Girl

Shoes: Doc Martens

Bag: House of Secrets

Let me know what you think about my own attempt at it! And while you’re at it, feel free to follow me on my blog and on Instagram! x

Let’s go to the Beach

Summer has restarted in Melbourne, which means weekly visits to our beaches (which aren’t really beaches but bays) are back on the schedule in order to maintain our international status as bronzed beach goers. Unfortunately, we Australians fear the sun’s consequences to the extent that we have some of the highest Vitamin D deficiency statistics in the world. Apparently not me, as I have received my fair share of vitamin D recently.

Tourists and locals flock to Melbourne’s Brighton Beach

So last year I had purchased this swimsuit from one of those websites where you are not entirely sure if it will look like the picture when you receive it, but I really wanted to get it anyway. It was alright though (phew), but I don’t look like the lady in the photo. The classic high-waisted look assists in accentuating your waist and to me, looks more classy than the typical low-riding bikini bottoms. It even has sheer on the sides for an added effect, which brings it almost into lingerie territory if there was lace involved. I adore the style of it, just not the tan lines.

GO!…Camera man missed the jump

Bikini- Unbranded

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A Time to be Proud

It’s been too long, I am well aware. Part of it has been because I’ve been away on holidays, and a small part of it is because I’ve been too lazy. Nonetheless, there is no excuse. Except for the fact that I’m embarking on my final year in school which has resulted in my favourite hobby being pushed down on my list of priorities. It’s going to be difficult to continue with my blog, but it might serve as a means of escape so we’ll see!

Australia day is a very special day for those inhabiting this beautiful country. For me, it’s a good excuse to celebrate how privileged I am by spending time with family and friends and donning those Australian flag printed bikinis that can only be taken out of the wardrobe once a year. I went to Docklands in the city which was surrounded by a lot of activity. There were stalls selling those infamous cork hats that were calling to me until I settled on an Australian flag bucket hat instead. Ironically, I went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was a lovely day.

I decided against wearing the green and gold colour scheme because there’s no way I could rock it. I opted for turquoise and crème which is kind of similar. I love high-waisted shorts and I love embellished tops, and in particular this top, but it is so ridiculously fragile  that a couple of beads fell off on my second occasion of wearing it -_-

Top – Forever New

Shorts – Forever New

Shoes – Rubi shoes

At Docklands, Melbourne

Christmas in the Country

Occasionally I dream of a white Christmas and wish for eggnog and a warm fire like from what I’ve seen in my favourite American Christmas movies (I’ll be home for Christmas, anyone?). It must be magical to wake up Christmas morning to a blanket of snow and to cut the turkey while viewing falling snow through a window, however I don’t hope that all my Christmases are white. There’s something very unique about an Australian Christmas that steers away from the stereotypes while maintaining a strong sense of tradition. There may be heat and dry weather and plenty of flies, but there’s BBQ’s, beer and sunshine. it’s an incredibly special time of year that indubitably beats my birthday. There is always plenty of music, an exaggerated amount of decorations and of course food and presents, which really indicates how lucky I am to be able to celebrate the festive season in such an exuberant fashion.

This year, Christmas was celebrated with family at my aunty’s place in the country. Food was plentiful, the views were stunning and fortunately it was a glorious summer’s day. Aaaaand I took advantage of the sweet location to take some snaps.

There were horses there too but they ran off in the distance

Dress – Dotti

Shoes – Rubi shoes

Bag – Vintage

Sunnies- asos

It’s amazing how much anticipation and excitement there is over one day that goes so quickly. I believe that it’s completely worth it though.

At Melbourne Central

Until next year !

I’m Dreaming of a Warm Christmas…

I am a self-confessed christmas junkie. I positively adore decorating the tree, putting up the lights, singing along with Bing Crosby to cheesy carols, making and bingeing on delicious food, completely over-adorning the house with ornaments, the summer weather, giving and *especially* receiving presents….the whole lot.

So naturally I am aware that there are only THREE days till the big day, and I am super excited.

The other day I travelled to the city to indulge in the yearly christmas festivities in Melbourne. Decorations were draped above the busy streets, buskers were belting out xmas tunes and the city was bustling with people eager to finish their shopping. The spirit of christmas was in full force, and I was like a kid on red cordial feeding off from the high of it.

A Decorated Arcade

As per tradition, I have been indulging in christmas cooking and began with making white christmas whilst coincidentally listening to the song White Christmas. I love americanised christmas carols, and although they don’t necessarily coincide with what an aussie christmas is like, they always describe the (for the lack of a less corny word) ‘magic’ of christmas. So here in Australia we don’t have snow at this time, don’t drink eggnog and don’t put snowmen on our roofs, but it’s still special and christmasy in a slightly different way. It’s usually celebrated outdoors in the sun, and of course involves a turkey! Mmm turkey…

Switching to a less christmas-orientated topic, for the outing I wore an old skirt of my mum’s. Occasionally I feature vintage clothes from my mum in this blog, simply because her wardrobe was so great and this is another item that I wanted to showcase. I love the vibrant colour and the beading action.

Skirt: Charlie Brown               Top: Forever New             Shoes: Inui             Bag: Vintage             Sunglasses: asos

Have a very merry christmas!

Under the Aussie Sun

View of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast AUS

Arriving back to my hotel room to work on my blog after a strenuous day of lounging around the pool and eating gelato is such a tiresome task. Sarcasm aside, dragging myself off the pristine beaches of the Gold Coast and onto my laptop, smacking me immediately back into reality has reminded me of how entirely selfish I’ve been by not blogging about my seriously uneventful but lovely adventures on the coast. Plenty of delicious food has been consumed, numerous sale racks have been emptied and many happy snaps have been taken.

As hinted in the title, I have been basking in the glorious Australian sun (always wearing sunscreen, of course) and managed to tear myself away from my beach towel to capture some scenes.

Bikinis: Heaven Swimwear Sunglasses: ASOS

I saw these bikinis and purchased them 5 minutes later. These 50’s style high-waisted bikinis are incredibly cute and are prone to compliments.

Perfect colour for summer. OPI ‘Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It’.
‘That’s it darling, look into the camera’   A photogenic Rosella I dubbed Larry. Seemed quite content perching there all morning, keeping me company.